Theater Play

Ages 5-7

instructor: Kathleen Gustafson

2:30-4:30 PM Mon-Thurs, June 4-14

$100 tuition

Just as the title suggests, this camp is geared toward giving children the opportunity to create and explore onstage and get to know the theater as a space.

Through stories and games, campers begin to enjoy theater.

Stories on the Stage

Ages 8-10*

instructor: Carolyn Norton

9 am-12 pm Mon-Thurs, July 9-19

$150 tuition

Using familiar tales, kids are introduced to elements of plot, setting, character, and dialogue. They use voice and movement to communicate those stories to others.

*Or age 7 with instructor permission.

Theater Skills

Ages 11 and up

instructors: Lindsey Schneider & Carolyn Norton

10:30 AM-2 PM Mon-Fri, June 4-22

Shows: June 21 & 22

$200 tuition

An intensive three-week camp where students explore a wide variety of theatrical techniques and styles.

They learn to bring characters to life with dialogue study, improv, costuming, script writing and more. They attend focused workshops with guest experts.

In the third week of camp, they turn what they have learned into a production and share that with an audience at the theater on the Spit.

Production Camp: The Wind in the Willows

Ages 11 and up

Director: Lindsey Schneider

Auditions: June 25 & 26

Rehearsals: June 29-August 8

Shows: August 9-12

$300 tuition

A staged version of the classic story by Kenneth Grahame, adapted by T. James Belich. What begins as a peaceful summer on the river is soon disrupted by Toad and his obsession with motorcars. After crashing several, he steals one and lands himself in jail. His friends Mole, Badger, and Water Rat make every effort to protect Toad’s
residence, Toad Hall, but are instead ousted by the ferrets and weasels of the Wild Wood.

Will Toad escape from jail and regain Toad Hall? Will he learn a lesson about his boastful and impetuous ways? The cast of production camp will tell us how the story ends!

Theater Tech

Ages 11 and up

Instructor: Kathleen Gustafson

June 25-29, July 29-August 12

$200 tuition

Running concurrent to Production Camp, Theater Tech introduces kids to lights, sound, set design, stage management and other aspects of technical theater. They work as a team to provide technical support for The Wind in the Willows.