Theatre Play

Ages 5-7

instructor: Kathleen Gustafson

2:30-4:30 PM Mon-Thurs, June 3-13

$110 tuition

Just as the title suggests, this camp is geared toward giving children the opportunity to create and explore onstage and get to know the theater as a space.

Through stories and games, campers begin to enjoy theater.

Stories on Stage

Ages 8-10

instructor: Carolyn Norton

Session i: 10 am-12 pm Mon-fri, July 9-19

session II: 10 am-12 pm mon-fri, July 22-August 2

$160 tuition

Using familiar tales, kids are introduced to elements of plot, setting, character, and dialogue. They use voice and movement to communicate those stories to others.

Theatre Skills

Ages 11 and up

instructor: Carolyn Norton

10:30 AM-2 PM Mon-Fri, June 3-21

Shows: June 20 & 21

$225 tuition

An intensive three-week camp where students explore a wide variety of theatrical techniques and styles.

They learn to bring characters to life with dialogue study, improv, movement, vocal technique, script writing and more. They attend focused workshops with guest experts.

Students polish material learned and generated during camp and share it during three mainstage performances at Pier One Theatre on the Spit.

Production Camp: The Jungle Book, adapted by Monica Flory

Ages 11 and up

Director: Carolyn Norton

Auditions: June 27 & 28

Rehearsals: July 8-August 8

Shows: August 9-17

$310 tuition

A fully realized stage play. Students experience the full production process, from auditions to rehearsal to stage.

In this action-packed adaptation of the classic adventure story, precocious Mowgli grows up believing he's as fierce a wolf as any of the members of his pack.

When he learns he is actually a human, he must discover how to reconcile these very different identities, and decide whether to remain with the pack, or return to the human world from which he was born.

What will he choose? And will he be trained in the Law of the Jungle in time to defeat Shere Khan, the most feared animal of all?