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Raven's Club Members



Finn's Pizza

Ed & Janice Todd







Jean Brockel; Mary Epperson, Patron of the Arts Forever; Charles Francis & Stephen Boham; MSA-The Grog Shop; John & Rika Mouw; The Petersen Family; Ray Sinclair


Bay Excursions LLC; Freddie Billingslea – Colonial Manor; John & Sharon Bushell; Leah Evans Cloud; Michael & Peggy Craig; Linda & Spencer Ellsworth; James & Nedra Evenson; Richard & Nell Gustafson; Patrice Krant; Peter & Deborah Lee Townsend; Ken Landfield & Sue Wohlgemuth; Land's End Resort; Nancy Lander & Mark Robinson; Flo Larson; The Spyglass Inn; Print Works




Anonymous; Donna & Wayne Aderhold; Asia, Michael & Jake; Bobbie Berhrens MD, OB/GYN. LLC; Sue Biggs & Jack Will; Diane Borgman; Bill D. & Dolores Butler; Susan Cates-Blackmon; Denice & Roger Clyne; Michael & Bobbie Copeland-McKinney; Will Files & Martha Ellen; Mary & Greg Fries; John & Diane Gittinger; Elaine Grantier; Bruce & Polly Hess; Captain Mike’s Mike & Mary Huff; Stephen Hughes & Robbie Coffey; Kathy Hill; Homer Electric Association, Inc.; Homer Emblem Club 350; Jay-Brandt General Contractors LLC; Cherry & Fred Jones; Judith Kramer; Marty & Barbara Leichtung; Deb Lowney & Ralph Broshes; Mako's Water Taxi LLC; Jenny Martin; Milli Martin; Joseph & Joan Mello; Charlotte Moss; Eileen Mullen; Linda Munns; "Charlie" Von Normann; Adele Person & Family; Konrad Schaad & Gabriela Husmann; Tina & Paul Seaton; Maynard & Kathy Smith; Marianne Snowden; Harold & Lynn Spence; Drew & Mark Turner; Boyd & Marie Walker; Darrell & Rieta Walker; Ginny Werthwein; Aleda Yourdon; Martin Zeller & Susie Amundson




Suzanne Bishop; Pamela Breckenridge; Bunting Family; Lisa Climo & Michael Mungoven; Jack & Susan Cushing; Jenny Edwards & David Stutzer; Allen Houtz; Tom Kizzia; Nancy Levinson; Ceil Manchester; Craig Matkin; Ruby & David Nofziger; Jeanne Parker; Sadie & Stella Petersen; Ravin Family; Cathy Stingley; Caroline & Franco Venuti




Marcia & Abe Akresh; David Anderson & DeTricia Hahn; Anonymous; Richard & Pamela Baltzer; Bonnie R. Betley; Amy Budge; Tricia Caron; Dayne Clark; Diana Conway; Joel Cooper; Sandy Cronland Namaste Therapy; Carol Dee; Wendy Erd & Peter Kaufmann; Sue Fallon; Shirley Fedora & Bill Palmer; Vivian Finlay & Clyde Boyer; Nina Faust; Barrett Fletcher; Christine Fontaine; Laura Forbes; Hannah Heimbuch; Ken & Donna Hinkle; Shay Hoffman; Erin & Glen Hollowell; Osi Kaspi; The Kleinleders; Therese Lewandowski; Donna Martin; Lyn Maslow; Jeanne McArthur; Scottie & Kate Meyer; Michelle Miller; J.A. Moxey; John Munns; Karen Murdock & Bill Marshall; Michael & Martha Murray; Jackie Norvell; Sally Oberstein; Ruth Osborne; Peggy Pittman & Roger Imhoff; Dustin Poindexter; Jessica Pollock & Daniel Norton; Sue Post & Jim Levine; Kate Rich; Allen & Susan Saxton; Mary Jane Shows; Hal Smith & Susan McLean; Matt Smith & Alison Cooke; Deanna Thomas; Vanek Family; Barb Veeck; Karen Wessel; Sharon Whytal & Brent Fagan; Judy Whittaker; William & Jane Wiebe; Nancy Jane York & Robert H. Neubauer; Olga von Ziegesar