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The Head That Wouldn't Die

  • Pier One Theatre 3858 Homer Spit Road Homer, AK, 99603 United States (map)


A madman is on the loose and college student Penny, somewhat flighty, has gotten a gun for protection over the objections of her brainy roommate, Janice.

The objections prove all too true when Penny accidentally shoots her boyfriend, Glen. Granted, his sense of humor often makes people want to shoot him, but this was truly an accident.

Fortunately, Janice is a pre-med genius and she is able to use a very unorthodox method to save Glen’s life…kind of. His head at least, but only temporarily. While Glen protests to being stored in the TV cabinet, Penny is concerned that not all of Glen’s body could be saved. After all, what’s a boyfriend without his body parts?

Janice is frantic as to what to do next as the unusual events have attracted the attention of a nosy neighbor and a curious police officer. Janice and Penny try their best to conceal the horrible secret but events soon start to spiral out of control. Janice calls upon her nerdy scientist friend, Luke. Perhaps his newest creation, the B7 robot, can save the situation.

But then, what about the werewolf?